Metamorphosis – a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism…

Okay, so it’s a slightly over dramatic turn of phrase but to be honest it’s probably the most apt way to describe the way this year’s shaping up.

Way back when, in what feels like a different lifetime now, work life was of a distinctly more sales/marketing/management ilk, but when we sold the business I fell into something completely different. Kitchen installation was only ever meant to be a stop gap until I worked out what I really wanted to do, and a mere 10 years later (!) I’ve finally got my act together and made the break. Those 10 years proved a great experience but I was always 50/50 on the work, some parts I loved, some I hated, the only thing keeping me at it so long was working with my best mate. Work was merely a distraction as we spent most of our time planning the next big cycling/climbing/travelling/etc. adventure. While nothing changed on this front the work itself had certainly become less enjoyable due to a number of factors I won’t bore you all with. So as I hinted at before a change was coming.

They say timing is everything and for once I seem to have lucked out on this front. Over the years I’ve accrued experience in a fairly diverse range of job roles and skills, all of which on paper bare very little relevance to one another unless you can stumble across that job in a million to which it can be applied. Somehow that’s exactly what happened. A chance encounter, a casual chat, a perfect storm brewing and hey presto I’m the new (excuse this as I don’t really like throwing job titles around) Production Manager for Earlyrider Bikes!

For anyone not familiar Earlyrider manufacture some very classy little balance and pedal bikes for kids. Although it’s only ‘bikes for kids’ I hear you say, the branding, image, and ethos of the company is absolutely bang on and right up my street. I am absolutely smitten already. And somehow I’m getting the opportunity to get involved in just about everything I love; Bike mechanics, sales, marketing, photography (check out the image above I helped shoot for the next brochure), travel etc, etc. To top it off I even get to go to Eurobike and the NEC Cycleshow which for me is a kid in a sweetshop experience. A further indication as to what a radical change it’s been as to my feelings on the whole love/hate work ethic is that I’m currently on holiday and for the first time in years enjoying thinking about and staying in touch with work while away!

I am sorry that this post just reeks of gloating, and to be honest I’ve got very little defence on that. I promise to reign it in after this. All I can say is that after 10 years of being fairly career disenchanted (read suicidal at points) I am now deliriously happy. Sure, it’s not always going to be all roses and the honeymoon period will become jaded at some point, but when you rock up to work and the first thing you see are bikes then you can be pretty sure a bad day here is still a good one in my book.



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