Iron Rob

My big resolution for 2014 is to put a bit more effort into my photography as recently I’ve become a bit of an iphone happy snapper. So for my first project Rob Griffiths a good friend of mine kindly stepped in as my model for the day.

I should point out, to anyone not familiar, that to term Rob just another ‘biking’ mate would probably being doing him a little injustice. Rob’s a world class Iron Man competitor. He’s competed at the Kona World Championships twice as well as a whole host of other events, with some pretty formidable results:

42nd overall (5th in age group) at Kona

1st (was “just there for training”!)  at Tenby Long Course Weekend Ironman

28th overall (6th in age group) Ironman Switzerland

20th overall Greater Manchester Marathon (horrific weather – 2hr 48mins !!)

Etc, etc, etc. But if you were to meet Rob in the street you would never know, as he personifies the unassuming, modest (I had to look at his blog for some of his results) guy next door  stereotype. The mild mannered Clark Kent if you will. And sure enough, kit him out in lycra and he too becomes an altogether different person, leaving mere mortals feeling just a bit Jimmy Olsen like.

I’ve actually only ridden with Rob a couple of times, and I use the term ‘with’ lightly as staring at him disappearing up the road while pondering the question ‘is this what a heart attack feels like?’ is probably a better description. On one such ride I watched him chatting away with a fellow ‘elite’ at the front of the bunch, with the casual ease of someone shooting the breeze in Starbucks, while I was sweating blood trying to hold on for dear life at the back. The final insult was when someone pointed out Rob was riding his cyclocross bike with knobbly’s on! I was tempted to throw the bike in the ditch and give up this cycling lark there and then.

When Rob’s not ripping the legs off club cyclists or posting Strava times that can reduce grown men to tears he runs Athlete Service, a business he set up specifically aimed at providing athletes a one stop shop for bike set up, servicing, physiological testing, physiotherapy, coaching, and just about anything else (strictly only legal of course, you wont find Edgar here) athletes need to train and compete successfully.

So to recap, world class athlete, nice guy, works doing what he loves, and runs a business helping others achieve success. Don’t you just hate some people (only joking Rob, please don’t rip my legs off, Sir).



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