#Rapha Festive 500 – Dec 21st – T Minus 3 days


December 21st. The shortest day. Wet. Cold. Windy. It really has felt like the shortest day of the year today, in fact it doesn’t deserve the term ‘day’ at all as that would infer it actually got light at some point, but no, just a miserable grey dank excuse of a day. I just hope there’s some more light hearted weather around the corner because the Rapha Festive 500 is now almost upon us.

For those unfamiliar with this little jaunt it’s a Strava/Rapha challenge inviting those brave/foolhardy enough to attempt to clock up 500km in the 8 days from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve. Aside from a badge (a woo hoo!) and bragging rights it’s really just a personal challenge designed to test ones resolve and marital harmony over the festive period. Illness, moving house, and the wife enduring an 81 hour labour (jeez’ I don’t know why they make such a fuss, spanking the crown jewels on the crossbar now that’s real pain…) have all conspired to derail the previous two challenge attempts, so this year I’m pretty keen to put this one to bed. And I have to say I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in.

The past month or so has seen me take my foot so far off the gas I practically put it in reverse and backed full speed into a wall of lard arse. No worries though, it’s now time to make amends and head into 2014 in the right direction. Ahh, I can see it now. One perfect crisp bluebird day after another, beautiful scenery passing by as the legs spin effortlessly despatching the miles with ease, and returning home to happiness and smiles as the wife passes me the mulled wine recovery beverage and slippers, telling me to put my feet up and take it easy the rest of the day while little one plays quietly in the background. Hmm, we’ll see…

Bring it on!



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