Project Clubhouse


Well my little Spanish jaunt is well and truly over. A hard couple of weeks back at ‘coal face’ coupled with a good dose of man flu served as a harsh re-entry back into reality. Thoughts of blue skies and lazy Tinto de Verano evenings, now just a distant memory, can’t help but bring a little tear to the eye as I stare out on leaden skies and a lawn slowly wrapping itself in a blanket of leaves.

While it would be easy to close the blinds, break out the holiday snaps, and sink into a bottle or three of fine Rioja, there is unfortunately no avoiding the brutal truth. Winter is coming. So it’s time to crack open a large can of Rule #5, break out the Flandrien Best, and start ‘digging the trenches’.

After moving house last December robbed me of my training facility (ok, just rolllers, TV and DVD set up in the back of the garage) it’s now past due that I carved myself out a bit of Dave space. And so begins Project Club House. Shhhsh though, don’t tell the wife, she still thinks it’s going to be a summer house! 😉



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