7 Days is 6 too many!


Back how things should be.

Miscellaneous events had conspired against me resulting in a whole 7 days without any two wheeled pleasure. Yes you heard it right nigh on 168 hours out of the saddle. That’s 10,080 minutes of walking, sitting, laying and leaning but not one iota of beautiful biking. Quite frankly this situation was absurd, if god had meant things to be this way he never would have invented the bike. And to be honest, Dave sans velo is not a happy Dave. Allow me to paint you a little picture:

Days without:

Day 1 – REST – OK, a well earned rest day. All good.

Day 2 – RECOVERY – So maybe that last session was harder than I thought, an extra day off is sensible.

Day 3 – TRANSITION – Hmm, something feels a little odd.

Day 4 – ABYSS – Morale crashes; Oh my god, what a waste, all my fitness is disappearing, I’ll be riding like a 9 year old girl….. am I getting fatter as well?!?!

Day 5 – RESIGNATION – It’s all blown to s**$, where’s the cakes and biscuits?

Day 6 – DEPRESSION – The world loses it’s shine.

Day 7 – MR ANGRY – The smallest inconveniences can cause outbursts bearing a striking similarity to The Incredible Hulk. A good day to keep hammers and heavy objects out of reach.

So today I finally made it out for a spin. And the second the pedals started turning it was like the Man With The Hammer lifted his anvil from my shoulders.

So, mental note: Don’t let it be that long again. It ‘aint pretty!



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