GS Henley

POW #! SHAZAM!#….Kicks open the door and struts out wheeling his carbon steed, clad head to toe in the tightest lycra known to mankind, cape blowing gently in the breeze. Square jaw held high, eyes gaze out from behind Plutonite lenses at the ribbon of tarmac disappearing into the distance. Small children shield their eyes blinded by the sun reflected off his shaved and oiled legs. The world stops, and the crowds whisper until a crazed euphoric young woman screams hysterically “IT’S CAPTAIN ROAD!”, before fainting. White van drivers the world over feel an involuntary shiver. And so the legend begins…..

Ok, ok so the old fantasy monkeys may be flying the plane but to be honest the opening line of  “hi I’m Dave and I’m here to talk road biking” just doesn’t have the same cachet. Either way though this is my intro to you all out there in the blogosphere, and I will indeed be rambling on about all things roadie related, posting plenty of pics and generally spewing forth from the random and still unfathomable workings of a complex cyclists mind (it’s a dark and scary place in there and I don’t think I should have to listen to the voices on my own all the time).

So in the style of any ‘Grand Depart’ you can look forward to an exhilarating, action packed, and sometimes admittedly flat and slightly mundane, but overall enthralling ride into whatever the future holds.

Enjoy the ride…





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